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Blueberry Juice

“These blue bombs are more like blue anti-aging pills.”
When we used to camp in Northern Ontario, Canada, what always marked the beginning of summer would be the end of black fly season, blue skies and fields full of upturned bums. Young and old alike were face down, busy filling margarine containers with little plump blueberries. A true-blue North American fruit, the Natives added blueberries to soups and stews, and created delicious honeyed puddings with them. As with cranberries, the Natives would also pound these tiny blue bombs into meat before drying it, which would help the meat keep up to two years, owing to the berries’ antioxidant potency.  
The Healing Powers and Health Benefits of Blueberry Juice
Anti-viral Properties
Protects Against Brain Aging
Protects From Onset Of Alzheimer’s
Blueberry Juice Nutrition
Good source of colon-cleaning pectin, vitamin C, K, manganese and potassium.
Nutrition Facts
Blueberry Juice is an excellent source of:
  • Anthocyanin Pigments
  • Chlorogenic Acid
  • Antioxidant
Blueberry Juice is a good source of:
  • Pectin
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Manganese
  • Potassium
Phytochemicals & Antioxidants in Blueberry Juice

Because blueberries are not as high in vitamins and minerals as other fruits like oranges, they were traditionally overlooked as an important fruit, other than for pies and pancakes. But that has all changed with the help of Jim Joseph’s research at Tufts University. Joseph has created headlines with the news that these blue bombs are more like blue anti-aging pills.  Not only can they slow down the decline of old age, but they actually reverse symptoms, especially when it comes to brain aging. In fact, in 1998, Eating Well magazine crowned the humble blueberry Fruit of the Year.

So what’s the secret hidden under the skin? There are two: chlorogenic acid and anthocyanin pigments. According to food chemist Wilhelmina Kalt of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, “In some fruits, you’ll find three, four, perhaps five types of anthocyanins; blueberries can have as many as twenty-five or thirty.” This abundance of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories means blueberries are one of best foods for protecting the brain as we age. They do this by shielding the brain from cell-damaging free radicals. Physiologist Mary Ann Lila Smith at the University of Illinois has christened the blueberry the “brain berry.” In fact, some new research is showing that these brain berries may protect us from the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

Another way we age is from cellular damage caused by heavy- particle radiation that comes from space and is able to penetrate our atmosphere. Experiments from the University of Maryland are showing some amazing results on the protective power of a diet supplemented with blueberries and strawberries. Rats that were exposed to heavy- particle radiation, then fed blueberries did not develop radiation sickness.

Make the Ultimate Blueberry Juice
Preparing for Juicing
The “escape habit” of blueberries is not quite as bad as cranberries, but it’s wise to quickly insert the tamper after dumping into the hopper so you don’t have little blue dots on the walls and floor.
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Blueberry Juice Tips
During a juice fast, I frequently prepare my veggie and fruit juice the night before the next workday. I learned the hard way that you cannot pre-make any fruit juice that includes blueberries because they are so rich in pectin that the whole juice turns into thick unappetizing goo. Drink any juice containing blueberries within an hour of preparing. It’s worth the little inconvenience.
Picking Perfect Produce
Blueberries are susceptible to a white fuzzy mold, so take a good look before buying. They should be plump and firm; shriveled berries are a sign of age. Contrary to popular opinion, the smaller wild berries may taste richer, but studies have shown they are not higher in antioxidants than the larger cultivated ones, which is good news because the cultivated varieties are now available all year round. I am still not used to packing blueberries for my annual winter camping trip. 
Storing Your Produce
Blueberries will keep in the fridge for up to five days. They also freeze well.
Taste Combos
A great addiction to just about any fruit juice. I love the taste of red grapes and blueberries, and talk about color!
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Thanks for the info on the "blueberry goo". I've experienced this a couple of times. I don't necessarily juice the night before, but Sometimes I get busy and don't get to my juice for a couple/few hours after juicing. I bit the bullet and drank thick goo anyway, but it was, umm gross(ly thick). I wondered why.
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