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Cantaloupe Juice

The secret to the cantaloupe’s antioxidant ability is its high vitamin C and beta-carotene content, inflicting a deadly one-two punch to cancer.
Of all the glorious color and flavor that the world of fruit has to offer, I feel a certain debt of gratitude every time I taste a tall glass of freshly made cantaloupe juice. For me, it is the taste of healing. That first 30-day juice fast, which ushered in a level of health I never thought possible, involved juicing this nutrient-rich melon by the case. At 30 years old, the result was better health than I had even known in my youth.  And there is good science behind the all that medicinal sweet juice.
The Healing Powers and Health Benefits of Cantaloupe Juice
Boosts Immune System
Prevents Skin Cancer (Melanoma)
Protection From colon Cancer
Protects From Macular Degeneration
Reduces Risk of Cancer
Reduces Thickening of Arteries
Cantaloupe Juice Nutrition

Cantaloupes are considered the most nutritious of all fruit. One average-sized cantaloupe contains approximately 100 calories, yet is dense in nutrients. Cantaloupes are packed with vitamins A and C. Per pound, this fruit has 15,000 I.U. of vitamin A and three times the vitamin C content of apples. And they’re also a good source of potassium, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), vitamin B3 (niacin), folate, and fiber when eaten.

The Center for Science in Public Interest has compiled a list of fruits by their nutritional value. Cantaloupes came in first place, followed closely by watermelon, then oranges.  

Nutrition Facts
Cantaloupe Juice is an excellent source of:
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A (beta-carotene)
  • Myo-inositol
Cantaloupe Juice is a good source of:
  • Vitamin B6
  • Niacin
  • Folate Acid
  • Fibre (when eaten)
  • Potassium
Phytochemicals & Antioxidants in Cantaloupe Juice

The secret to the cantaloupe’s antioxidant ability is its high vitamin C and beta-carotene content, inflicting a deadly one-two punch to cancer. Beta-carotene is a fat-soluble antioxidant, and vitamin C protects the water-soluble areas of the body. Together, both provide full protection from damaging oxygen free radicals to all parts of the body.

Parents used to tell their children to eat their carrots for good eyesight. A study published in the Archives of Ophthalmology indicates that fruit may provide even greater eyesight protection than veggies. The study showed that simply eating three or more fruit servings a day could lower the risk of macular degeneration by 36%.  

Cantaloupes also contain myo-inositol, a lipid that helps with anxiety, insomnia, and hardening of the arteries. Cantaloupes contain the greatest amount of digestive enzymes. Melons are recommended by the American Cancer Society as powerful agents in the fight against intestinal cancer and the all-too-common skin cancer, melanoma.

Make the Ultimate Cantaloupe Juice
Preparing for Juicing

When juice fasting, melons are the most convenient source of cheap, nutritious, delicious, refreshing, colorful, revitalizing, energizing juice. One large cantaloupe can produce almost a half a gallon of juice!

A major part of the cantaloupe’s nutritional value is in the rind. Juicing the rind will provide more nutrition but diminish the taste. When juicing cantaloupe with the rind, thinly cut the very outer netted skin off, leaving as much of the green under-layer as possible. Slice and juice, seeds and all. If you have the privilege of finding organic, simply wash, cut and juice. 

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Cantaloupe Juice Tips
Many times I have left a melon on the counter just a day or two too long, and you know what happens:  soft spots, external mold and a look of overall decrepitude. But before you toss it into the compost heap, a melon not fit for eating may be perfect for juicing. I didn’t believe it myself at first, but just cut away the nasties, slice and juice, and poof, a rich, sweet-tasting juice. As an added bonus, research conducted in Austria at the University of Innsbruck has revealed that fruits that are allowed to fully ripe even to the point of spoilage are higher in antioxidants. How about that!
Picking Perfect Produce
Melons should be purchased firm and sweet-smelling, with a soft navel. They can be purchased all year around, but during the summer, cantaloupes are local and cheap. To check for ripeness, press firmly against the navel with your thumb, then smell for sweetness. The hard, green cantaloupes found in the cold months will sweeten up after three of four days on the counter.
Storing Your Produce
Depending on the level of ripeness, a firm cantaloupe can store for up to a week, but when juice-ready, only three to four days. Once cut, cover and store in the fridge for two to three days. If you see soft spots or mold, trim and juice right away.
Taste Combos
This juice has such a full-bodied flavor that I hesitate to suggest adding anything other than your open mouth. Reminds me of watching someone turn an expensive red wine into a spritzer.  But if you must, pineapple or orange goes very well.
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I was fortunate to get free cantaloupes one day. I could not believe the amount of juice that I rendered. I thought they were so sweet the juice had to be good if only for the taste. Little did I know how healthy it was. I really felt like I drank some sort of energy drink. I then researched this info and was surprised to find out, it is like health juice except you get to enjoy the sweet, rich flavor. I hope it is available to buy by the bottle. Try it. You will notice the strength and energy soon afterward.What a treat
Wayne Grosser
I am impressed for all this information, keep up date...thanks...thanks... I have made cantaloupe juice and it tastes so good...with a natural sweet.
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