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Cranberry Juice

"What has made cranberries famous is their ability to protect against the all-too-common urinary infection."

Cranberries are native to America and are cultivated in cranberry bogs found in the Northwest and Great Lake States. Long ago, Native Americans developed a calorie-rich food called pemmican, which was an early form of jerky, and much healthier than any of our modern packaged jerkies common at today’s roadside gas stations. Cranberries were pounded into thin strips of venison, then dried in the sun. What the natives did not know is the reason cranberries preserved the meat so well is that these little red berries are a rich source of benzoic acid, which is a strong antioxidant. Don’t be fooled by modern products passing themselves off as native pemmican. Today’s version has replaced the natural preservatives in cranberries with unhealthy salt and sodium nitrate.

Today, anyone who is health-conscious is drinking cranberry juice. Due to some good press, name-brand companies are adding these powerful berries to many of their juice offerings.  So what’s all the fuss about this little red berrie?  
The Healing Powers and Health Benefits of Cranberry Juice
Defense Against Yeast Infections
Detoxifier of Prostate, Testicles, Kidneys and Bladder
Protects Against Prostate Cancer
Protects Against Urinary Infection
Cranberry Juice Nutrition

One cup of cranberries has a mere 46 calories and is high in Vitamin K and C, and is a good source of manganese and iodine. These little berries are also packed with fiber, which would have helped keep the Native Americans regular during the winter when they would be consuming a high-meat diet.


Nutrition Facts
Cranberry Juice is an excellent source of:
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C
  • Quinine
  • Fibre (when eaten)
Cranberry Juice is a good source of:
  • Iodine
  • Manganese
Phytochemicals & Antioxidants in Cranberry Juice

It is here that cranberries shine like minilights on a Christmas tree. Fresh cranberry juice is a powerful healing tonic filled with quinine, which changes to hippuric acid in the liver. Hippuric acid is able to assist in the removal of purines, uric acid, urea, and toxic buildup in the prostate, testicles, kidneys and bladder. It’s also an excellent preventative juice for North American men who are battling the increased risk of prostate cancer. It is also a good defense against yeast infections for women. Cranberries are a complex little fruit, being tested by scientists for their abilities in virus-fighting. If you are susceptible to colds, fill up on your cranberry juice in the winter time.

But what has made cranberries famous is their ability to protect against the all-too-common urinary infection. For many people who have had chronic problems, just ten ounces of cranberry juice a day has completely eliminated this painful infection for good. So how does this work? Until recently, scientists reasoned that the protection was coming from the acidity in the juice. However, Amy Howell, a researcher at the Rutgers University Blueberry-Cranberry Research Center (yes, you read that right), discovered something completely unexpected. Cranberries have molecules in the A-link condensed tannins family that act like Teflon coating, preventing the E.coli bacteria from hooking into the walls of the bladder and urethra walls. The bacteria slide harmlessly right on through and out of the body.

Unfortunately, using cranberry juice as a cure for an already established infection is not as effective. It seems that once the bacteria get their hooks in and are able to bind more securely, only antibiotics will remove them.

Make the Ultimate Cranberry Juice
Preparing for Juicing
Just rinse and pop in with some wedges of apple.
I have spent over twenty years juicing thousands of pounds of produce and tried just about ever juicer on the market. I can confidently say that our Juice Nut Top Pick Juicers are the very best in workmanship, warranty, juice yield and juice quality. I’m nuts about these juicers!
Cranberry Juice Tips
Be careful, especially when using a centrifugal-force juicer. These energetic little berries try to escape, jumping out of the hopper and onto the floor, sometimes hiding under the fridge for months or years, depending on your cleaning regime. Pour the berries into the hopper, and then quickly insert tamper. 
Picking Perfect Produce
Pick when bright red and firm. They should be plump and should bounce when lightly dropped.
Storing Your Produce
You can buy cranberries all year round. They will stay fresh in the crisper for up to three weeks. They are one of the few fruits that freeze well. Thaw and add to juicer.
Taste Combos
The juice of cranberries is bitter, so it is advisable to combine it with a sweeter juice such as apple or grape, both of which make a delicious combination.
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I use dynamic health labs juice concentrate,add stevia to taste and pure water.excellent source od iodine for the thyroid and get rid of mercury.
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