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Fresh Orange Juice

"From skin to seed, oranges are bursting with a spectrum of exciting health-promoting, disease-fighting antioxidants."

I remember as a kid, watching Mom make orange juice from concentrate; the first glass always tasted best. It seemed that after the juice sat in the fridge for a few days, that fresh taste would start to diminish. But it wasn’t until college that I experienced my first glass of juice made right from oranges. It was a 1984 winter’s day, and I had just paid $2.50 for a very small glass of orange juice made right before my eyes by this huge whirling machine. It was one of those first juice stands at the Eaton Center in downtown Toronto. “Pricey,” was all I could think, standing there in my heavy winter coat, holding a tiny plastic cup -- until I tasted the pulpy explosion of sunshine. I bought two more, closed my eyes and felt warm tropical breezes on winter-chapped cheeks. Long before I understood the remarkable nutrition I was drinking, I would revisit that juice stand often throughout college, recapturing boyhood nostalgic moments with my mom. So was born a love for juicing.

And if glorious taste is not enough, oranges offer even a greater motivation to guzzle lots, fresh and often.

The Healing Powers and Health Benefits of Orange Juice
Anti-viral Properties
Boosts Immune System
Increases Iron Absorption
Prevents Skin Cancer (Melanoma)
Protects Against Lung Cancer
Reduces Low-density Lipoprotein, or Bad Cholesterol
Orange Juice Nutrition
One cup (112 calories) of orange juice has a whopping 207% for your daily need of vitamin C. Oranges are also a good source of thiamin, folate and potassium.
Nutrition Facts
Orange Juice is an excellent source of:
  • Vitamin C
  • Hesperetin
  • Limonoid
Orange Juice is a good source of:
  • Folate Acid
  • Thiamin
  • Potassium
Phytochemicals & Antioxidants in Orange Juice

We have now discovered that there is far more to this fruit than a mouthful of sunshine. From skin to seed, oranges are bursting with a spectrum of exciting health-promoting, disease-fighting antioxidants, not the least of which is vitamin C. It is well-known that not only does vitamin C protect from scurvy, it is a powerful antioxidant, able to attack and rid the body of damaging free radicals. But what is less known is its ability to boost the immune system and increase iron absorption.

One of the main flavonoids in oranges, hesperetin, can also be found in lemons, limes, mandarins and grapefruit. Remarkably, hesperetin and vitamin C work as a team, and according to antioxidant expert Lester Packer, hesperetin will actually regenerate vitamin C back into an active antioxidant form after the vitamin is used up removing a free radical, making it useful again for its next exorcism. Research is also revealing that hesperetin can slow the replication of several viruses, such as polio, flu and herpes. If that isn’t enough, research is coming out of Italy showing that the flavonoid hesperetin reduces inflammation, lowers hypertension, and increases good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol.

Elzbieta Kurowska of the University of Western Ontario has found that hesperetin restricts the liver from producing cholesteryl esters that are the main components of bad cholesterol (or LDL).

Najla Guthrie of the University of Western Ontario has performed studies on limonoid compounds that are found in the peel, membranes and seeds of the orange. She discovered that limonoids are 45 times more effective than even hesperetin at blocking tumor formation, and other research has found that limonoids can inhibit stomach, skin and lung cancers. It does this by inducing cancer cell death and stimulating the enzymes that clean carcinogens from the body. People in the Mediterranean region flavor breads and casseroles with orange and lemon zest (the outer peel), and not surprisingly, they have lower cancer rates.  

Make the Ultimate Orange Juice
Preparing for Juicing
Instead of peeling, cut outer skin with a knife. It’s faster and you are able to leave much more of the white pith, which is full of nutrients.
I have spent over twenty years juicing thousands of pounds of produce and tried just about ever juicer on the market. I can confidently say that our Juice Nut Top Pick Juicers are the very best in workmanship, warranty, juice yield and juice quality. I’m nuts about these juicers!
Orange Juice Tips
The best way to be able to cut the outer skin from the orange leaving as much of the white pith as possible is by using a sharp knife. It’s worth paying a little more for a good knife and sharpening stone. It’s not hard to learn to sharpen your own knife, and once you get into the habit of doing so, you will never go back. Don’t be intimidated by a razor-sharp knife; it is safer to use than a dull one because you are in better control and need to apply less pressure when cutting.
Picking Perfect Produce

Some of the highest-quality oranges are grown in North America in the sunny state of Florida. Florida Valencia oranges have a higher juice content than oranges from California. Look for thin skin and heavy fruit. Do not be put off by a little green on the skin; this is a sign of ripening.

Frozen concentrated or bottled orange juice has been pasteurized and no longer has enzymes. But in a pinch, you can now buy flash-pasteurized, not-from-concentrated orange juice in a carton. It almost tastes as good as fresh…but for someone who has been spoiled on fresh from the juicer, that’s a big almost.

Storing Your Produce
Will keep for a week on the counter and two weeks in the crisper.
Taste Combos
Of course, great all by itself. But I love to juice orange and grapefruit together, especially if the oranges are sweet and the grapefruit has a bit of a bite.
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