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Fruit Diet Breaks Food Addictions

"A fruit diet is a great and needed break from your regular eating, allowing the body to balance homeostasis, untangling emotions from the up-and-down roller-coaster ride that addiction produces."

The food industry has perfected the science of increasing the addictiveness of food, and for good reason. Most of the food we see advertised on TV, including in those colorful commercials during Saturday morning cartoons, are laced with addictive salt, processed fat, and sugar. Today, millions crave these offerings, which are directly tied to the massive rise of Type 2 diabetes and childhood obesity. We have turned our kids into addicts even before they had a chance to understand what addiction is. It is hard to tackle food addiction; after all, we must eat, right? A quick food fix during a hectic day is only a drive-thru away. Availability for the junk food addict is a real problem. There is no way to take control of your health and body weight until you have overcome food addiction. Herein lies the beauty of a Fruit Diet program.

People who struggle with weight say the same thing: “I just cannot seem to stay away from those carbs.” So you would think that because fruit is such a sweet-tasting carbohydrate, it would be a highly addictive food and should be avoided by those who struggle with food addiction. But the very opposite is true. Part of what makes processed carbs so addictive is the sugar high you experience a few minutes after eating that warm, frosted cinnamon Danish. It is surprising that nearly all fruit is low on the glycemic index and will not cause a sugar high, followed by a crash, which tempts you to self-medicate with another Danish.

But what about those who just cannot get enough fatty foods? It is interesting that, even though nuts are loaded with fat, they are not addictive as long as they are raw. When visiting friends or family, it takes all the willpower I can muster to stop eating from that bowl of roasted, salted nuts but just a handful or two of a raw nut/raisin mix and I feel completely satisfied. You will find that all raw foods, no matter how filled with natural fat or sugar, will not create cravings like cooked food.

A fruit diet can even be more effective than a fast in breaking the emotional side of food addiction because you’re still eating and forced to deal with all those eating patterns that have been established by daily cravings. The key is that everything you eat during our fruit diet will be non-addictive. A fruit diet is a great and needed break from your regular eating, allowing the body to balance homeostasis, untangling emotions from the up-and-down rollercoaster ride that addiction produces. But be prepared; it’s not going to be easy. In fact, your food addictions will be the greatest obstacle standing in the way of successfully completing a fruit diet.  

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