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The Only Supplement I Will Endorse

“Is all that phytochemical goodness getting into the cells, or have you simply increased the nutrient value of your pee?”

Juice Plus

For twenty years, in spite of being inundated with requests to sell, recommend, or endorse a particular pill or powder, I have flatly refused. There were a couple of reasons for this. First, after changing my diet to mostly raw fruit and veggies, including juicing and fasting regularly, I found ingesting any supplement made zero difference to my overall health and energy levels. Second, I did not want any product to complicate the simple message that everything you need to be radiantly healthy can be found at your local grocery store. 
So when a close friend first introduced me to Juice Plus+, I was not interested. The name seemed vaguely familiar but, to me, it was just another cliché in a pill. Not easily discouraged, my persistent friend insisted that since taking Juice Plus+, she was feeling increased energy. She was my accountant, very precise in her thinking, and not given to exaggeration, so this caught my interest. Also, I had begun increasing my body building and running, and was experiencing fatigue later in the day in spite of an excellent diet. Holding down a fulltime job while working nights and weekends on writing and web work, my day starts at 5AM and, by the time 8PM hit, my mind was weary and I was unmotivated to write. If there was anything that would help me maximize the hours of my day, it would be worth a try. I took a closer look.

What’s In Juice Plus+?
The first thing I discovered was that the colorful powder inside those little capsules is simply dehydrated fruit and vegetable juice, equaling 17 servings of fruit and veggies. I have spent the last twenty years of my life committed to researching and teaching people about the vast array of micronutrients (antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals) found in plant foods, and their power to heal and protect from disease, even reversing aging. Synthesizing and isolating micronutrients in a supplement may look impressive on a label but what does it look like to the human cell? In fact, research has shown that multivitamin pills can actually increase your chances of getting cancer. Because Juice Plus+ is simply dehydrated fruits and veggies, all of the complex micronutrients found in these colorful foods should be in these little capsules. Sounds great in theory, but show me the research. 

Show Me The Research!
I’m a research junkie and love reading about the latest cancer-fighting bioflavonoids hidden in broccoli, or the pigments in blueberries that protect against brain aging. Juice Plus+ is the most researched brand-name nutritional product on the market. But what surprised me was the kind of research that is being undertaken. There are leading universities and hospitals around the world that have performed double-blind clinical studies on Juice Plus+.  These studies answer the most important question I was asking about: bioavailability. Is all that phytochemical goodness getting into the cells, or have you simply increased the nutrient value of your pee? The studies are conclusive that Juice Plus+ has a very high bioavailability rating. 

The studies have shown that Juice Plus+:

  • delivers key antioxidants and phytonutrients that are absorbed into the body
  • reduces oxidative stress
  • helps support a healthy immune system
  • protects from DNA damage, which is a leading cause of cancers
  • positively impacts several important indicators of cardiovascular health
After Three Weeks Of Taking Juice Plus+
I was told that it would take around thirty days before experiencing the positive effects of Juice Plus+. Again, I was skeptical. For the last twenty years, my daily diet has consisted of a large bowl of fruit salad every morning, 20 ounces of green-rich veggie juice for lunch, and a large veggie salad for supper. My cleansing diet also includes three or four yearly detoxifying juice fasts. As I have said, there has not been a pill or powder that made any perceivable change in my health and energy.  

After 21 days of ingesting the prescribed two capsules of Orchard Blend and two capsules of Garden Blend, I began noticing a lessened desire to take my routine afternoon nap. For twenty-seven years, I have religiously had a 20- to 30-minute nap after a run during my lunch break. It’s quite remarkable to nap almost every day for nearly three decades and then find yourself no longer wanting one. Also, I felt greater mental clarity in the evening when trying to write. I simply feel less tired, with an increased constant all-day clear-mindedness. This is the first supplement I have ever taken that has resulted in a positive effect. 
If I can feel the difference on Juice Plus+, then imagine what someone who is eating a standard diet would experience? The more toxic your diet, the more dramatic the improvement of your health.    

Why Such A Difference?
I’m already ingesting loads of phytochemicals every day so why the difference in energy? There are two reasons that come to mind. For shipping reasons, most produce sold by your local grocer has not been vine/tree-ripened, therefore there is a lower nutrient value in the fruit and, unless you buy all organic produce (and I do not), most of the soils in which our food grows have been somewhat depleted in minerals. Then add to this the fact that our bodies are exposed to more environmental toxins than during any other time in history. I work around concentrated cleaning chemicals all day. Over the years, an unusually high number of my coworkers have died of cancer. Fewer protective phytochemicals in our fruits and vegetables plus an increase of environmental toxins means that, even with a high plant diet, there is still an antioxidant shortfall.  

The fruits and vegetables that are juiced and dehydrated in Juice Plus+ are grown in nutrient-rich soils and are picked at their peak of ripeness, ensuring the greatest concentration of antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals.  It was clear by my increased energy that this antioxidant boost was making a difference. 

Furthermore (being honest with myself), my diet is not always pristine. There are the times I travel, or am too busy to juice, or have a stressful day and blow my diet. The great thing with Juice Plus+ is that, whether traveling or having a bad day, I can consistently take in the phytochemicals of 17 servings of fruits and vegetables. 

After reading the research and testimonials, and experiencing the difference Juice Plus+ has made to my health, I can fully endorse this product. They are affordable. In fact, taking both Orchard Blend and Garden Blend costs the same as one coffee a day and will deliver a better, more even energy level than caffeine gives. 

 I encourage you to visit my Juice Plus+ site, where you will find additional research and information. The video on the home page is worth taking a few minutes to watch. Check out the gummy chewables for kids. 

This is also a great product to take while juice fasting. I have found that adding Juice Plus+ to my fresh juice while fasting acts as a great colon cleanser, producing soft, spongy stools. This is especially beneficial for those who do not want to use the enema kit while fasting. 

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