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Omega Big Mouth Juicer BMJ330

The Juice Nut winner in the Usability Category

The Omega Big Mouth Juicer is all about speed of juicing, speed of cleaning, and ease of use. This is the best-quality, large-hopper juicer on the market within the $200 price range. Omega believes in its own product so much that they provide an unheard-of 10-year warranty!

When people ask me which type of juicer they should buy, I always say, “The best juicer is the one you’re going to use.” You can thank the huge three-inch hopper. It’s so big that whole apples and bunches of carrots almost jump in on their own. Even though I’m a hardcore juicer, I find myself reaching for this juicer most often. I can reduce piles of veggies and fruit, and have the machine cleaned and counter wiped, all in 15 minutes. Done! And it’s so attractive that you don’t have to hide it under the counter when friends and family visit. It’s stylish, durable, efficient, and easy to clean, with the highest juice yield when compared to other centrifugal machines.

An added bonus is how comparatively quiet this machine is. Most juicers are so loud it’s impossible to even carry on a conversation.  A machine producing half the decibels is better designed and will last longer.

Omega Big Mouth Juicer Features

Commercial Strength: Home-decor friendly, but built for commercial use. This appliance is as attractive as it is practical. Built for daily, heavy-duty use.

Hopper: The 3-inch hopper allows for juicing whole apples, and the industrial ½-horsepower motor will eat three large carrots in a blink.

Blade: The solid ½-pound stainless steel blade chews through all fruits and veggies easily. You will need very little down-pressure to feed even hard veggies through the hopper. 

Basket: Poorly-designed baskets result in pulp caking against the sides, causing the machine to vibrate. The combination of RPMs, angle, and basket mesh diameter have eliminated this problem, which means not having to disassemble the machine to scrape the basket clean, saving you time and a mess on your counter.

Smoke Top:  A patented helical design helps with the annoying problem of pulp clogging the chute. This reduces juicing time.

Rubber Feet: Oversized, soft rubber feet prevent the juicer from bouncing across the counter. The details make the difference.

Motor: An industrial ½-horsepower, 11000 RPM motor with a 10-year warranty.

Bowl:  Made from heavy-gauge surgical stainless steel, with a polished exterior finish and a sandblastedinterior for easy cleanup.

Latch Arms: The cantilever-style latch arms were first designed by Omega and are now standard in the industry. Safe and strong, they can be used even by arthritic hands.

Pulp Bin: Oversized bin will hold pounds of pulp.  I recommend using your old produce bag to line the bin for easy clean up.


Omega Big Mouth Juicer Specifications

  • Shipping weight: 12 pounds
  • Dimensions: 12.5 x 8 x 15 inches
  • Whisper-quiet ½-horsepower motor
  • One Speed -11000 RPMs
  • 120 volts - 50/60 Hz - 375 Watts  
  • Makes pulp-free juices 
  • Easy to use, easy to clean 
  • Large capacity bowl 
  • 10-year warranty 
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We bought 2 of these. Not knowing it was one of the best. We have enjoyed using them.
A L Spr
This juicer is very good..... Im from the philippines where can i get this juicer here in my country? do you have a distributor here in the philippines?
This juicer is awesome! Yields a lot of juice for the amount you stuff in it! :) All in all, it's great. Thanks for the recommendation. I, too, got it at a great price, brand new.
I am very satisfied with this juicer in every regard.
Just bought this juicer for our first juicer on huge sale. Used it for the first time and it was very easy to use. Cleaning took a bit but not crazy.
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