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Sweet Potato Juice

“…will comfort, nourish, and strengthen the body, vehemently procuring bodily lust” John Gerard 1500s
During the time of Shakespeare, the sweet potato was the most popular aphrodisiac. “To eat or not to eat” was not the question; every good man finished their supper of sweet love. Long before Shakespeare, archeologists discovered the remains of sweet potatoes in pre-Incan ruins of Peru. Today this orange root has become so popular that in North Carolina it was declared the official state vegetable in 1995. And most good restaurants are offering sweet potato fries these days.
The Healing Powers and Health Benefits of Sweet Potato Juice
Boosts Immune System
Good For Complexion
Reduces Risk of Cancer
Sweet Potato Juice Nutrition

Sweet potatoes are one of the greatest sources of beta-carotene of all vegetables, even higher than carrots. In fact, only 112 calories (a small sweet potato) contains 369% of your daily need of vitamin A. They are also plenteous in vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and carbohydrates, and are a good source of fiber. Surprisingly, they are even a rare low-fat source of vitamin E. Choosing from 58 vegetables, the Center for Science in the Public Interest ranked sweet potatoes as number one in Vitamins A and C, folate, iron, copper calcium, and fiber, far below the white potato. History has shown that people can live exclusively on sweet potatoes and remain healthy and strong.

While savoring a mouthful of sweet potato, (garnished with a dab of butter, pinch of salt and a sprinkle of cinnamon and sucanat), I have often marveled how the far less tasty and lower in nutrition white potato became so much more popular than this sweet treat. In my opinion, sweet potato fries kill regular bland fries in taste. It’s no wonder you have to dress standard fries up will all manner of sauces, yet sweet potato fries are perfectly delicious in their nakedness. But I digress, this is a juice article.   

Nutrition Facts
Sweet Potato Juice is an excellent source of:
  • Vitamin A (beta-carotene)
  • Quercetin
  • Chlorogenic Acid
Sweet Potato Juice is a good source of:
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Fibre (when eaten)
  • Vitamin E
  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Folate Acid
Phytochemicals & Antioxidants in Sweet Potato Juice
On top of being a highly nutritious food, sweet potatoes contain phytochemicals including quercetin and chlorogenic acid. Both have been shown to be effective in fighting cancer. Also, they are a good source of immune-boosting carotenoids. Tim Kramer, a USDA immunologist, studied twelve volunteers, who for three weeks lunched on kale, sweet potatoes and a glass of tomato juice. This was literally a carotenoid cocktail, (beta-carotene in sweet potatoes, lutein in kale and lycopene in tomato juice). The results were nothing short of stunning. In just three weeks, all twelve volunteers had a 33 percent increase in immune response as gauged by the T-cell’s ability to multiply. This is very significant, because the body does not store T-cells, but produces them as an emergency response to an invader, like a cold, flu or worse.
Make the Ultimate Sweet Potato Juice
Preparing for Juicing
I have had a surprising number of emails asking if they should juice sweet potatoes raw or cooked. I suppose it’s hard to get some people’s head around consuming a food that is normally baked, buttered and salted, but the answer is raw. And it is as sweet and tasty raw as cooked, minus all the fat calories. I even enjoy eating raw sweet potatoes sticks. I think they taste better than raw carrot sticks and have wondered why they have not caught on in the same way.
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Sweet Potato Juice Tips
Sweet potatoes can be added to any fruit juice, giving the juice a smooth, milkshake-like taste to die for. You will be pleasantly surprised!
Picking Perfect Produce
The darker the color, the higher the vitamin content. Look for firm, not too large sweet potatoes that are tapered at both ends. Skin should be smooth without brown spots.
Storing Your Produce
Will keep in the refrigerator for two weeks. Do not store in plastic bags, but allow to run loose in crisper.
Taste Combos
Carrot and sweet potato juice is tasty and outstanding for the complexion. My all-time favorite juice combination is orange, pineapple, and sweet potato. It tastes so rich it almost feels like I am breaking my fast when sipping on this thick, pleasure-in-a-cup. Often the success or failure of a fast has more to do with what goes on in the head than the body. A little trick I use to provide motivation and give me something to look forward to is I will refuse to indulge myself with this favorite mix until halfway into the fast. On day 15 of a 30-day juice fast, that sultry mix of anticipation, orange, pineapple, and sweet potato, tastes better than any candy store offering, and without the guilt.  
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Your Comments
I found a new love for sweet potatoes. I recently acquired a good amount of them. I have been juicing more lately in attempts to lower my cholesterol and improve my digestion. I was on my morning walk and wondered if juicing the sweet pot. was a good idea. So thx. P.S also know someone who juices tumble weeds. Do you know about the nutritional values of the tumble weed?
Nancy Christie
I knew about the vitamins and have been eating them for a couple years but never knew I could juice them. Thank you!
Thanks so much for your information about the nutrient benefits of sweet potatoe juice.After reading your article i went to my pantry i found 3 tubers of large size sweet potatoe i peeled it. juiced it oh what a great taste.i had never had a better tasted juice in my live. It was so good.creamy and satisfying.it tastes far better than carote juice.for now i think i would drink it all by itself.may be in future i can try mixing it with other fruit juices.it is delicious.
Have been juicing sweet potatoes for years. Yum. But I'm looking forward to trying the pineapple, orange, sweet potato combo tomorrow. Thanks.
Gregory Fassler
While the article was exactly what I was looking for, the sweet potatoes I bought earlier today were way too starchy tasting, so having bought them at a discount produce store I thought perhaps they were old and dehydrated or something. I had juiced two large yams, so I juiced up two large carrots, and two vine ripened tomatoes, added it to the sweet potato and that really helped the palatability tremendously. I came across your article after this initial self-experimentation and was pretty happy to know how nutritious yams are, being even more nutritious than carrots, which are my primary base for 3 or 4 of my juices each day (about 1 cup carrot juice, 1 Gale apple, 1/2 pint of strawberries is the ultimate for me so far), so when I saw your sweet potato juice recipe, I got so excited expecting it to even surpass my own carrot/apple/strawberry recipe, I went right out to the store bought a couple of pineapples, more yams, and already had a half dozen good size (3") oranges in the fridge, and rushed home fully of anticipation. There was no mention of portions of yams to pineapple or oranges, so I juiced up two big yams, 1/2 a pineapple, and two oranges, and it made way more juice than I expected, about a liter and a half. When I tasted it, it tasted mostly of oranges, and still had a starchy taste to it which was a bit hard to swallow. But everyone else is raving out the combination, so obviously, I've just got the proportions all out of whack. It would be helpful if you included how much yam, how much pineapple, and how much orange you use in your mix. Obviously two large yams is too much, as is 1/2 a pineapple, and 2 oranges. But even if I cut that amount in half for each ingredient, I'm still going to get the same flavor, ya know? So, could you provide information on how much yam, pineapple, and orange you use for your recipe...? In the meantime, try my carrot, gala apple, and fresh strawberry recipe. So far, it beats anything else I've tried by a country mile... oh, yeah, and feel free to substitute a yam for a couple of the carrots, to be in keeping with the theme of the article (taste-wise, 1/2 carrot + 1/2 yam seems to be far better tasting to me, and far less starchy)
Glenn M Eades
Thanks for the awesome info! Just started juicing but was afraid to juice sweet potatoes because I don't like them cooked. Looking forward to your combination of oranges, pineapple and sweet potato!
Katie Parr
I love sweet potatoes and they are a very important part of my power lifting training, but I never once thought about juicing them. WOW! Absolutely delicious combined with anything...my favorite combo is with pineapple and orange. Juicing has boosted my training endurance and strength! My trainer scoffed in the beginning and now it's common for him to ask what my morning juice was. I do need to take the beet juice to the gym at least once to see the reactions. :D Thanks for all the infomation on your page...it helped me become a World Champion!
Mary D.
i just juiced a sweet potato for the first time today.. it was heavenly! can't wait to try your combo..
Debbie Holmberg
Thanks for the information, I'll be sure to juice sweet potatoes more often.
I'm replacing sweet potatoes for rice. Pack with benefits and anti-aging.
Is it true that raw sweet potato negatively affects digestive enzymes? It's a rumor I have heard.
Tony H.
your article and juicing the sweet potato was very informative. I added this product to my juicing about a week ago and after reading your article I am so glad that I did.. thanks for such great information
Very helpful. Thank You. I love sweet potatoes & was wondering if they could be juiced. Going right now, to fire up the Omega.
Crystal D.
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