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Why Fresh Juice?

If you’re not nuts about juicing, you should be. Here’s why.

“Fresh juice is more bio-available, better tasting, higher in nutrients, and full of living enzymes.”

The digestive system is a very efficient juice machine. From teeth to intestine, your digestive track reduces the nutrients in foods to a liquid form, small enough for the tiny villi that line the intestinal wall to absorb the liquefied nutrients into the bloodstream. These nutrients are then transported to every cell of your body.

Seems like a great system, so why not just eat your fruit and veggies instead of juicing them? First of all, I’m sure it’s no surprise to you that now, more than any time in history, your body is forced to absorb thousands of man-made toxins. They are in the water, food, and air, and therefore every cell of your body. This is the primary reason for the epidemic rise of diseases, including cancer. Your body has an internal cleaning system to clean out toxins, but what happens when there are more toxins going in than being removed?

Think about it for a moment. Throughout history, from tree huggers to rednecks, folks ate and drank organic produce. It was not a choice; it was simply how the world was. Today we breathe, eat, and drink so many toxins, preservatives, and additives that, by FDA standards, your body could not be approved for human consumption. More toxins coming in than going out results in a toxic overload, and the fallout is DNA damage and cells that are unable to function properly, causing premature aging, chronic low energy, a foggy mind, and depression. It seems that our internal cleaning system can use a little help.

Add one well-made juicer plus the wide spectrum of fruits and veggies available in today’s supermarkets, and you have everything you need to stay healthy and full of vitality, in spite of the increase of environmental toxins. Take a few minutes and read about some amazing protective phytochemicals found in foods, such as the anthocyanin pigments in blueberries, the powerful antioxidant lutein in kale, and the indoles in broccoli.

Looks great on paper, but if you are like most people I talk to, you do not eat enough raw, fresh produce to benefit from these amazing protective compounds. This is where a juicer fits perfectly into a busy lifestyle. Within minutes, I can juice five pounds of carrots, a bag of spinach, one lemon, three apples, three broccoli bunches, one red pepper, and four stalks of celery, producing three 16-ounce bottles of living juice. This makes two days’ worth of juice that goes with me to the gym. The color pouring out of the juicer says it all. Talk about adding an energy boost to my workouts!

But what about the variety of pre-made fruit and vegetable juices found in your local grocery store? There is “Frozen Concentrated,” “Flash-Pasteurized,” “Not From Concentrate,” and as long as they are 100% juice with nothing added, all are good in a pinch. But simple taste will tell you that there is no comparing juice that has been sitting on a shelf for months and the living juice pouring from your juicer. Besides when you own your own juicer, you can use the information on this site and make juices to suit your specific health needs. Fresh juice is more bio-available, better tasting, higher in nutrients, and full of living enzymes.

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Just a suggestion, if you aren't sure if juicing is for you,you can get a black and decker juicer for@ $40.00 ! I have been using it for over three months and it's still going strong. Sure you can pay more, but as far as I'm concerned, this little juicer is a champ. I forgot to say I got mine on Amazon. Not a promotion, just advice.
Ruth Thomley
Thank you this is great. I don't know if you recognise your diet is Biblical to the letter.
Terrific, factual information...love it.
Kerri B
You really shouldn't juice ahead of time. The juice will oxidize and the living enzymes will die. I've heard that this begins 15 minutes after juicing, so it's always best to drink the juice immediately rather than storing it. Of course it's still better than store bought, but if you're juicing for nutrition, it seems a bit of a waste to let it oxidize.
just started today was amazed how good the juice was xcited to see my weight change
Thank you so much for the info you share here! Such a blessing to find straight to the point, accurate information. God Bless!
Mrs. C
This site is awesome! I really enjoy reading all of the updates, testimonials, and comments. I have shared it with all of my friends.
This site is just perfect! I've been thinking about buying a juicer for a while, and when I found this site full of recipes I ran out and bought one - plus a bunch of veggies and fruit. Thank you :-)
Sara Frisvold
What a gorgeous and informative website. Congratulations!
love it
niall mccarthy
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